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Welcome to the Erie County 911 Home Page. If you have any questions or  comments, please contact us at our non-emergency number listed above.


Our goal is to respond to your emergency in a fast, efficient manner to insure the needs of the public are met.




When you have an emergency in Erie County, PA just dial 9-1-1. Your call will be answered by a trained professional, who will ask a few questions and conference your call to the proper dispatch center servicing your area. When you need emergency services , a quick response is critical. All Erie County 911 Center staff members are PA certified call takers.


When you dial 911 from your residence or business, your phone number, address and the phone subscribers' name is listed on our computer screen.  The call takers will determine  the location and nature of the emergency. If you are calling from a cell phone, you need to be specific when providing the call taker with your location so that he/she will be able to determine the location of the emergency. Please stay on the line while your emergency is transferred to the appropriate dispatch center. 



When You Should Call


You should call 911 during any emergency that requires an immediate response from police, fire or the ambulance.


Some examples of emergencies are:

Any type of medical emergency
Vehicle accidents
Someone is breaking into your house, at the time of the call
Carbon Monoxide leaks, or suspected leaks  (carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, symptoms include headache, tiredness and flu like symptoms)
Any incident where weapons are involved
Domestic arguments and domestic violence, especially where a weapon of any type is involved
Fires, of any type (it is always best when in danger to get out of the house and call from a neighbors)


Some reasons not to call 911 include:

Road and weather conditions
Barking dogs
Your neighbor is playing their music too loudly
My cat is up a tree
Can you call AAA for me?
Can you send me a cab?
What time is Bingo?


Remember when calling 911 you should:

1 Tell the call taker where the emergency is occurring and confirm your call back number.
2 Tell the call taker in the briefest description possible, the nature of your emergency.
3 Answer any questions, which the call taker may ask you.
4 Stay on the line, if possible until directed to hang up.

If you aren't sure if you need to call 911 for an emergency, call anyway.  If we determine your call does not meet the emergency guidelines we will supply you with the seven digit number to call the agency who can provide the service needed.


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